Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Great Benefit For A Great Person!

Our Friend Lisa Payne

Please come join us for this important benefit which is being held to help our friend Lisa Payne who has been battling Ovarian Cancer over this past year.  Lisa was diagnosed with this deadly disease and has faced over 5 surgeries and has had to have continuing Chemotherapy Treatments 6 times a month.  In addition she has had incurred extensive travel expenses to and from Allentown

Our friend Lisa has always been there when anyone has needed her in the past as she is a good friend and great soul.  This benefit is being held to help her with the numerous medical bills and continuing care she needs to help beat this terrible illness.  These treatments require extensive travel, lost time off work and many medications as you can only guess.  She could also use a dependable vehicle to drive since the vehicle she has now is on its last leg.

The benefit will be a tricky tray with many items which will vary from gift baskets, gift cards & and more.  All which will make great gifts for the up coming Holiday season.  We also will be holding a raffle with great prizes featuring tickets to a Giants VS Eagles Football Game! Music and refreshments will also be available at the event, so come on out!

This benefit is being held by the friends and co-workers along with the help of Boy Scout Troop #80 and the Jackson Twp. Firehouse.  We look forward to seeing you there!  The Friends & Co-Workers of Lisa Payne are all proud to have such a friend. That is why we are holding this fund raiser and it is our deepest wish to ask everyone to give just a little bit to help this cause, but we know that not everyone will be able to attend this event. 

For those of you who can not attend but still want to help Lisa please use the link below to make your monetary donation through PayPal a completely secure way to send your donation.  You can make your donations by using any credit card or your checking account in any amount you choose to donate. It’s a safe and a simple way to show your love and support for Lisa and these donations are Tax deductible. 

Tax ID #45-3041412

PS: Please post any well wishes and comments below. 

Thank you!
From The Friends & Co-Workers of Lisa Payne


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